How to debug your application locally with iOS – iPad devices


Use Weblock – AdBlock for iOS app to create a redirect rule from http://app to the IP and port you like.

(Only works when on a WIFI network)


Install the App Weblock from the App Store. Then configure as per instruction in the app.

You must include the protocol and the domain and also a wildcard character at the end.

If you don’t include a wildcard character the images and other parts of your site will not load as there isn’t a redirect rule them.

Here’s what the redirect value should look like.



Set apache to run under current user Ubuntu desktop 14


using the command:

sudo nano /etc/apache2/envvars 

change the user and group to yourself if there is only one user and you will never have permissions problems again.

I.E., if you are only logging in and running the server as user ‘big_dog’:

export APACHE_RUN_USER=big_dog export APACHE_RUN_GROUP=big_dog 

Heck, for that matter you could change that user to the current user I’m sure somehow. Then, install user_dir you all have webs only you can have full control of (unless you modify this).

Restart the server (if unsure, just reboot or goole) and you are good to go.