Fix slow GUI, sluggish interface with Mint Cinnamon


If you have been using your system heavily, with multiple workspaces, various applications that are not entirely memory efficient, these combined factors can lead to your interface feeling sluggish.

In order to resolve this issue without having to restart the entire system issue this command in a terminal windows to restart mind and preserve your workspaces and windows.

pkill -HUP -f "cinnamon --replace"




How properly setup your dual monitor task panels with Mint Cinnamon

Once you have added the panel to the second monitor window, right click on the newly added Panel and chose ‘Add applets to the panel’. Then add the Window list applet to the panel but clicking the ‘Add to panel’ button.

The list of applications opened on the second monitor should now appear.



Fix X2GO keyboard mapping MacOSX, Ubuntu, Mint, VirtualBox keyboard layout

Many posts written about this topic.

The solution that will work is to add a keyboard mapping on the host machine that you will connect to.

This new keyboard layout must be the only keyboard layout on the system. If another keyboard layout is in the list you will want to remove it as it may be the cause of the issues.

Once your client and host both have the same keyboard layouts installed you will need to end your x2go session and restart it for the keyboard mapping to take effect.


Install / Updating / Upgrading NVIDIA drivers

Reboot your PC.

At the login screen, do not login to any account, press Crt-Alt-F1

Login with your user account


pgrep dm -l

look for process ‘begin with dm’

issue a kill command to stop the dm process (x server)

sudo kill 2654

This will exit you from the session.

Log back in with the same account you used earlier.

Now you should be able to proceed as normal with the NVIDIA installation.