Eclipse Che Get SSH Workspace Public Key

If you are working with a source code versioning system such as or Gitlab you may need to create a private and public keypair in order to clone your repositories within your workspaces.

To achieve this you may use the following command substituting the [CONTAINER ID] for your Eclipse Che workspace instance ID.

First within the Terminal pane of your workspace generate a keypair if one doesn’t already exists using the ‘ssh-keygen’ command.

Once the keypair is created run this command from your docker host.

`$ docker exec [CONTAINER ID] cat /home/user/.ssh/`

Eclipse Che and Meteor Tips

For meteor projects use this recipe

to launch and make accessible on network ensure to specify host_IP otherwise socket
connections will fail

i.e. IP of host is, use the following

sudo docker run –rm -t -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -e CHE_HOST_IP= eclipse/che start

other parameters available to eclipse che are avaialble here

to shutdown use

$ sudo docker stop che-server