Eclipse Che and Meteor Tips

For meteor projects use this recipe

to launch and make accessible on network ensure to specify host_IP otherwise socket
connections will fail

i.e. IP of host is, use the following

sudo docker run –rm -t -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -e CHE_HOST_IP= eclipse/che start

other parameters available to eclipse che are avaialble here

to shutdown use

$ sudo docker stop che-server

Remove Ubuntu’s sudo and put an end to redundant password prompts


 sudo really only has a benefit from helping a sys-admin protect the server from human error.

Nowdays, with  the use of isolated development, staging and production environments the risks of running a ‘bad’ command as root as harming the system are the same as they ever were, but the remedy to recovery is easier than ever by simply having the server images restored. 

A good sys-admin will always make backups of the server he is working with so that if anything doesn’t go according to plan the changes can easily be reverted. Also, no live changes should ever be performed directly on a server. This is madness.

Server changes should be first tested in a staging environment such as a Virtual Machine, or a clone image of the production box. This way, the risk that something goes wrong is so limited that ‘sudo’ command is now redundant by using proper risk management practices.

FireFox Extension Development


How to FireFox extension development environment setup.

Basically, you setup another profile.

You then setup that environment for development manually or using an extension that sets those parameters automatically.

Install these two extensions


Be sure to read on how to package your extensions.


cd myexample 
zip -r ../myexample.xpi * 
cd ..
ls *.xpi


For more information see


Run this command line to start the FireFox profile on OSX, terminal window will display debugging information. 

/Applications/ -no-remote -P dev &