Android, Androidx86 Virtualbox, adb, Chrome Inspector


Use a bridged connection and follow this short guide

Android Debugging with VirtualBox & Androidx86

Androidx86 install guide (


To connect Android virtual machine with adb follow these step

  1. On Android home screen, press ALT+F1 (Left alt). This will open a terminal with root access.

  2. Inside the terminal, type dhcpcd eth0. Execute the command twice, if you get an error or no result. This will give you an IP address. Now press ALT+F7 for close the terminal.

  3. Verify your IP address using the command ping <your IP Address>

  4. From the android terminal, type adb tcpip 5555. This will restart adb in tcpip mode.

  5. From your main OS terminal, type adb connect <your IP address>




Try these steps if you encounter any connection issues.

adb kill-server

sudo adb tcpip 5555

adb connect