Disable Blueooth Gigabyte Ryzen Linux

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For optimal security we will disable Bluetooth when Linux is starting up.

We will add the following command in /etc/rc.local

rfkill block bluetooth


Since as of Ubuntu 18.04 there is no longer a default /etc/rc.local file we must create one manually using the following command.

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Now paste the following into the rc.local file which includes the rfkill block bluetooth command.

#!/bin/sh -e
# rc.local
# This script is executed at the end of each multiuser runlevel.
# Make sure that the script will "exit 0" on success or any other
# value on error.
# In order to enable or disable this script just change the execution
# bits.
# By default this script does nothing.

rfkill block bluetooth

exit 0


Finally let’s make it executable so it will run on system startup.

sudo nano /etc/rc.local


That’s it!  To test your configuration you can restart your system to ensure that bluetooh is no longer enabled by default by your system.