FireFox Bookmark Sync with OwnCloud – alternative to mozilla_sync and FireFox cloud

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Confidentiality – Integrity and Authenticity

How to sync you FireFox bookmarks and keep them private. 


Ok, I found a partial solution for OwnCloud Bookmark sync. Xmarks for Firefox

I’ll come back and embellish this description later. Basically Xmarks will let Firefox use an external server like OwnCloud to store a “bookmarks” file. Before you get all excited, it does this through the WebDAV interface to store the Bookmark file in the OwnCloud File area. The URL to use in the Xmarks Advanced settings tab is:


 Replace https://YourServerURL with your OwnCLoud URL.

The resulting file will be a json formatted file that can be opened using any text editor.

 Once you configure XMarks with the “Use own server” option, you will have a dialog to enter your username and password.

After entering your username and password click ok. Click on the Status tab and click Sync. This may ask your to confirm your password once again and the sync process should take place.


2014 08 23 01 39 32 AM

This will create a file called “bookmarks.json” in your Files area. This is a text file, but I wouldn’t call it human readable. Do this on all your Firefox installations and your Firefox browsers will have the ability to exchange or synchronize all their bookmarks using OwnCloud as a file server. You can call “bookmarks.json” anything you like. To OwnCloud it’s just a file.

This solution doesn’t sync with OwnCloud Bookmarks, but syncing all my Firefox installations using OwnCloud file services is a big step in the right direction.

Unfortunately Xmarks for Chrome and Xmarks for MSIE don’t have the “use your own server” feature. Both will only work with Xmarks servers.



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