How to install and remove Sophos Free Antivirus for Linux


This is a great thing to have around.

Beware, it will slow your system down a bit if you have lots of files or large files that will be scanned.

Do not use on a development machine where you compile things or it will be very slow to create builds. Your mileage may vary.


1. If you haven’t already downloaded the installer, do as follows:
a) Go to
b) Find Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux Free Edition and click Download. Follow the instructions to download the tarball to a temporary directory, for example /home/myuser/Downloads.

2. Change to the temporary directory and untar the tarball:
tar -xzvf .

If you have a GUI install you can usually Right click and choose Extract Here to avoid having to issue commands in the terminal.

3. Run the install script:

a) You might have to chmod +x the file before you can run it.

b) Then  you can run

sudo ./sophos-av/

4. The installer guides you through the installation:
■ When prompted for the type of auto-update you want, select Sophos.
■ When prompted for the version you want, select Free.
Sophos Anti-Virus is installed in the directory that you selected.


sudo /opt/sophos-av/


Official Sopho Antivirus for Linux PDF Manual