Parallels Fedora F17 KeyRing issue – Please enter password for login keyring FIX

It seems that when you install Fedora F17 from the Parallels Store it will setup your keyring password as ‘parallels’, which will be different than the login password that you will have created when you setup the system.
In order to fix this you must go to Passwords and Keys,
Click on  View -> By Keyring
Choose the Login keyring, right click -> Change
Then enter the ‘parallels’ as the password and change this to a password of your choice. Perhaps a good idea to keep this the same as your login password if you are doing development, testing and if you have a fairly strong password that is not likely to be guessed. Best practice would recommend that you have seperate password for keychain and login, but this is not always practical if you’re doing local development.
Hope this helps.

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