VirtualBox error “same UUID as an existing virtual machine.”

How toVirtualBox

If you copy a VirtualMachine without using the Clone command in VirtualBox you might receive an error similar to

Trying to open a VM .. which has the same UUID as an existing virtual machine.

The way to solve this is to edit the .vbox file and change the value of the GUIDs.

Open the .vbox file with a text edit and change the Machine uuid and the HardDisk uuid. Example:

<Machine uuid=”{120b0640-8913-48f6-8089-94d576a7a7c8}” name=”GuestOS10″ OSType=”Windows10_64″ snapshotFolder=”Snapshots” lastStateChange=”2020-08-30T19:12:37Z”>

<HardDisk uuid=”{1be2d38c-785b-4cca-8e23-a56d9fa064b8}” location=”guestos10.vdi” format=”VDI” type=”Normal”/>

Once this change has been save reopen the Virtual Machine by double clicking the .vboc file. If another error for uuid is displayed look in the file for another uuid to change. That’s it!